Products / Production Planning


Enterprises around the world are embracing Enterprise Resource Planning software tools for ensuring smooth flow of information between different departments such as accounts, inventory, purchase, and production and so on. Doing that helps in easy management of business processes across the organization, thereby leading to productivity enhancement on a big scale.

Sensing the need of the hour for highly competent production planning tool, Creative India has come up with an intelligent tool named abc software. This is a powerful tool which is rich in features that can help any given enterprise in channeling its resources well. Here are few ways in which this incredible software tool can benefit your enterprise:

  • Get a complete picture of the status of the production and planning status of your company.
  • Cut down lead times and meet the delivery date promises without fail and increase the revenues of your companies in the process.
  • Reduce inventories and overtime, and speed up the process of updating spreadsheets.
  • Create such production schedules that can benefit your company in a big way.
  • Make adjustments as required for meeting targets on time.
  • Manage the critical manufacturing constraints and plan for multiple facilities.

A single solution for your planning and scheduling needs

  • Depict schedules in a visually appealing manner
  • Take into account constraints while rescheduling jobs and move orders around the plant easily
  • Easy resource utilization with detailed GANTT charts and Capacity Plan Grids
  • Identify problems in advance with a special feature that highlights bottlenecks

Multi-plant and multi-user collaboration

  • Any number of users can work on the system simultaneously
  • Manage the schedules easily
  • Schedule the work on the basis of a variety of parameters including customer, department, facility or product line
  • Let each planner focus on core competency and take informed decisions

What-if impact analysis

  • Makes predicting outcomes easy
  • Take informed decisions on the basis of experimental and real schedules
  • Key Performance Indicators to track schedules
  • Safe and easy evaluation of all possible alternatives

Sales and operation planning

  • Projections on inventory taking into account various factors like sales orders, forecasts, purchase orders, production orders and transfer orders
  • Make prediction on when the materials are going to run out
  • Make prediction on what will be impact of capacity shortage over Sales Orders and Forecasts

Real Time Scheduling

  • System provides real time updates that make it possible to view the most accurate schedule at any given point of time
  • Schedule complex as well as simple operations accurately as well as easily
  • Access live dispatch lists and printed schedules from your system

Production planning was never as easy as made by the abc software tool from Creative India. If you want to avail all the above features and much more, you ought to consider getting in touch with us at the earliest. We will let you know how you and your company stand benefitted by doing business with us.